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2013. August

2013. 08. 02

Our August e-newsletter now up! Stock up during our Back to School Sale!

2013. July

2013. 07. 30

Very good news! Join the movement and go meat-free once a week, New Zealand!

2013. 07. 26

Looking forward to trying some new dishes...and all pretty close to the office! 20 Best Vegan Dishes in the Mission District.

2013. 07. 18

Another great reason to love broccoli, or if not love, at least try to eat it a bit more often!

2013. 07. 12

Our July e-newsletter now up! Try our take on the vegan carnitas made with our Ideal Bits!

2013. 07. 11

Mmm...Mexican Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding looks good for Friday and everyday!

2013. 07. 03

Ideas from VegNews on what to stock for tomorrow. Wishing you a safe, fun & compassionate July 4th!

2013. June

2013. 06. 26

Have you watch our latest ecoVegan experience? And remember to sign-up for our June Giveaway!

2013. 06. 26

AR National Conference 2013 starting tomorrow until June 30th! Attendees will get a chance to snack on our Better Half!

2013. 06. 18

Mmmm...which one - vegan cheesecake or vegan pumpkin cheesecake? Perhaps a little bit of both?

2013. 06. 18

What is your reason to go vegan?

2013. 06. 14

Vegan soft serve ice cream, perfect for this (rare) hot San Francisco day!

2013. 06. 11

June newsletter up! SALE at Vegan Essentials and a June Giveaway, Celebrating Dads with our latest ecoVegan Experience!

2013. 06. 04

Today's morning snack - fresh herbs/veggies on top of toasted bread - very simple and delicious. :-)

2013. May

2013. 05. 29

These vegan burgers look so good and would be great for BBQs this summer!

2013. 05. 21

Home made Pho noodle soup with our Ideal Bits & Red Yeast Log for lunch today...mmm...good!!!

2013. 05. 20

Reminder - SAVE 20% on our Freedom-to-Season products (Better Half, Ideal Bits, Ocean's Best & Party Roll) at Amazon. Great for any meat-free meals, Mondays and everyday!

2013. 05. 17

The Seed event in NYC - explore veganism this weekend. And our delicious entrees prize packs are one of many great raffle prizes!

2013. 05. 15

Will be a very info pack day thanks to the SF Small Business Conference we're attending today!

2013. 05. 10

Happy Mother's Day to ALL Moms!!!

2013. 05. 09

ecoVegan Blissful Bits enjoyed at the Oakland VegWeek 2013 Finale Celebration!

2013. 05. 06

We're celebrating Moms with a SALE at Amazon through May 31st! Check out our May Newsletter!

2013. April

2013. 04. 30

Another B2G1 Free promo today until 2pm during our sampling session at Mother's Market Santa Ana!

2013. 04. 29

Perfect for this Meat Free Monday, free samples & a B2G1 Free promo during our sampling session today until 2pm at Mother's Market Costa Mesa!

2013. 04. 26

We're now in Whole Foods Market Newport Beach & Del Mar! And remember, all entrees on sale now through May 1st at Whole Foods!

2013. 04. 24

Join us at GSA 5th Annual Earth Day event today from 11-2pm. Free samples of our delicious vegan entrees! =>90 7th St, SF Federal Building, 4/24 from 11-2pm

2013. 04. 23

Join Chef Alex Bury tomorrow night for a veg cooking class at Whole Foods Market Oakland. RSVP and get a tour before the cooking starts!

2013. 04. 19

We'll be at Whole Foods Market Oakland Vendor Fair this Sunday participating in kicking off Oakland Veg. Many free veg food samples all around, including our delicious Blissful Bits!

2013. 04. 18

Our delicious entrees ON SALE now at Whole Foods Market through May 1st. Celebrate Veg Week and Earth Day with 100% vegan and cruelty-free meals!

2013. 04. 15

We are in perfect accord with Oakland Veg - Tangy, fast, and declicous - our Sweet and Sour Spicy Bits would be great for this Meat Free Monday!

2013. 04. 12

Worcester VegFest this Sunday - a great event to check out many vegan goodies, along with free samples of our Blissful Bits!

2013. 04. 09

Great chart to glance at when you're wondering, "does those veggies/fruits store better in the fridge or out"?

2013. 04. 05

April Newsletter up - prepare for our Veg Week & Earth Day Sale!

2013. 04. 03

Teaching healthy eating habits to young students - what a great way to celebrate US VegWeek and Earth Day!

2013. 04. 01

Raw vegan lasagna - looks good for this Meat Free Monday!

2013. March

2013. 03. 28

Tips on how to celebrate a cruelty-free Easter!

2013. 03. 27

Google confirms veganism is on the rise! Click on the link to see an animation of the time-change over the pass 5 yrs.

2013. 03. 22

Today is the UN-Water World Water Day! It takes approximately 100 times more water to produce one pound of meat vs one pound of wheat, and that's also close to 6 months of not showering! Why not go vegan and get your showers too :)

2013. 03. 20

Today is the Meatout Day! What are your meat out activities?

2013. 03. 20

Sampled our tasty Blissful Bits at the National Nutrition Day event today at the Phillip Burton federal building. Thanks to all that stopped by and enjoyed!

2013. 03. 13

What sounds good for dinner? How about some vegan chicken soup for the soul with ecoVegan's Better Half, available through

2013. 03. 13

Thanks to our Expo West Team, we made it through a successful show! Thank you for stopping by our booth this year. We'll keep you posted on where you will be able to find us at your neighborhood stores!

2013. 03. 10

Last day at #expowest. Come visit us at booth 5234!

2013. 03. 09

New Product showcase at #expowest. Did you have a chance to come? What's your favorite product?

2013. 03. 08

Happy sampling on 1st day of #expowest....many more samples to share!

2013. 03. 07

Come visit ecoVegan at booth 5234 #expowest and try our new Ideal Bits!!!

2013. 03. 05

Introducing our Ideal Bits! Read all about it in our March newsletter.

2013. 03. 04

For today's Meat Free Monday, try our delicious Blissful Bits Pita Pockets!

2013. February

2013. 02. 28

Take US VegWeek's 7-day VegPledge this year!

2013. 02. 20

Volunteers needed for Expo West in Anaheim, March 8-10th! Be one of the first to see new product launches. Email to be a part of our Expo team!

2013. 02. 15

Lunch or dinner idea - pair our Ocean's Delight with crunchy veggies, as Steff of Almanac of Eats did!

2013. 02. 13

Very good news - animal testing for cosmetics to be ban in Europe!

2013. 02. 11

Check out some of our food service items available on Amazon! Read our Feb newsletter!

2013. 02. 01

Simple & delicious Spicy Bits Mini Skewers for your vegan Super Bowl Party! Visit our Recipes Page for more ideas!

2013. January

2013. 01. 30

Vegan Essentials offering a 2 day special on domestic ground shipping! Now's a good time to go shopping!

2013. 01. 25

Happy Friday! Our Orientals' Joy Salad would be a perfect light lunch or dinner!

2013. 01. 17

Tasty idea - our Blissful Bits in a vegan or vegetarian gyro would be wonderful!

2013. 01. 16

Last day of our Amazon sale! All ecoVegan Ready-to-Eat entrees on sale for $3.99. Enter code ECOVEGAN at checkout.

2013. 01. 14

Starting off the week with free sampling at Whole Foods Market West Hollywood (CA), now until 2pm!

2013. 01. 14

Happy Meat Free Monday! Our Spicy Bits on sale at select Whole Foods Market in Southern CA thru 1/16th, perfect for your meat-free lunch or dinner!

2013. 01. 10

2 more free sampling today at Whole Foods Market Sherman Oaks from 11-2pm, & Sherman Oaks West from 3-6pm. Learn all about us!

2013. 01. 09

A new fan! Stop by for more free samples today at Whole Foods Market Venice from 11-2pm and discover our delicious entrees!

2013. 01. 08

Stop by for more of our delicious Spicy Bits & Zen Patties samples today at Whole Foods Market Fairfax from 11-2pm!

2013. 01. 03

Jan 2013 monthly e-newsletter now up! Two sales - Amazon & Whole Foods Market - welcomes in 2013!

2013. 01. 02

Yay! Vegan cooking going mainstream! "How to Live to 100" on the Cooking Channel, Jan 6th, 8pm ET/5pm PT.

2012. December

2012. 12. 28

Have a safe and Happy New Year! Our office will be closed 12/31-1/1. See you next year!

2012. 12. 28

ecoVegan Ready-to-Eat entrees on sale at Amazon to welcome in 2013! Enter code ECOVEGAN at checkout through Jan 16th.

2012. 12. 27

Popular Spicy Bits on sale at select Southern CA Whole Foods Market through Jan 16th! And details on in-store demos to follow.

2012. 12. 26

Would be awesome if we had more vegan food carts across the US and world!

2012. 12. 21

Have a safe, warm & happy holiday! Our office will be closed 12/24-12/25. We'll be back on the 26th!

2012. 12. 18

According to VegNews Article, plant based meals becoming more popular in 2013!

2012. 12. 13

Are you like us who reads every single ingredient when you shop packaged food? Here's a helpful chart for ingredients that may come from animals and to avoid!

2012. 12. 07

Our December Newsletter is up! So happy to provide vegan & compassionate options to our local communities this holiday. And the much asked after Tom Yum sauce recipe is inside!

2012. 12. 05

We're so happy to donate a basket of our delicious vegan entrees for Project Open Hand's Hand to Hand Silent Auction!

2012. 12. 03

Yummy recipes to try for today's Meat Free Monday!

2012. November

2012. 11. 29

The non-GMO fighting doesn't end...sign the petition to require FDA to label GMO food!

2012. 11. 27

Select Loving Huts are offering a special from 11/26-12/7. Check to see if your local location is participating.

2012. 11. 21

Our office will be closed Nov 22-23rd. Have a safe and Happy ThanksLiving!

2012. 11. 15

We missed it last Friday, but congratulations to city of Los Angeles for passing the "Meatless Mondays" Resolutions! Now how about meatless everyday!

2012. 11. 13

Thanks to all who visited us at the SF Green Festivals! And thanks for all the encouragement and great feedback: "Of all the samples I've tried, yours was the best!" - Mia.

2012. 11. 07

Now introducing ecoVegan products to Mother's Market & Kitchen shoppers!!

2012. 11. 06

We're giving 2 free tickets to the SF Green Festival! Leave a comment on our Facebook post about this giveaway for your chance to win. A winner will be randomly chosen on 11/8 at 12 noon PST. Good-luck!

2012. 11. 06

Our November newsletter is now up! Take a look at our "refresh" packaging and the new seafood alternative that we'll be introducing at the SF Green Festival!

2012. 11. 01

Happy World Vegan Day!! Update your timeline with friends! Enjoy lots of vegan food candies and lifestyle!

2012. October

2012. 10. 30

Love the vegepreneurs and their spirits!! ♥ to MooShoes MooShoes Vaute Couture The Veggie Grill Native Foods and more! add your name to the list if you are also a vegepreneur!

2012. 10. 30

New York, you are in our hearts! Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the East Coasters.

2012. 10. 03

Check out our October Newsletter! Details on our Whole Foods Market sale and in-store demos. We are also looking for a professional demo specialist to help us at San Francisco Green Festival 2012 - email for more details.

2012. 10. 03

Happy World Farm Animals Day! A day late, but you can still enjoy our Spicy Bits as Steff of Almanac of Eats did.

2012. 10. 02

Another free sampling session at WFM Berkeley today - 10/2 from 2:30-5:30pm!

2012. 10. 02

Steff of Almanac of Eats celebrated World Vegetarian Day with our Orientals' Joy. Try our Orientals' Joy Salad recipe for a light lunch today!

2012. 10. 01

Happy Meat Free Monday! We're starting the week with free samples at WFM Sacramento-Arden, 10/1 from 12:30-3:30pm.

2012. September

2012. 09. 28

Delicious Spicy Bits on sale at select Whole Foods Market through Oct 16th!

2012. 09. 26

So I was doing market research at Rainbow Grocery, and this is what I came back with! Thanks & love to Eatpastry & Coconut Bliss. It's a great afternoon!

2012. 09. 24

We love that vegan food is in the mainstream!! And hope it takes over the whole US soon too!

2012. 09. 20

A very delicious afternoon break with this vegan chocolate pie!

2012. 09. 19

A diet change can make a BIG difference in your life! This grandfather helps beat his cancer by changing his diet.

2012. 09. 13

Look at how much protein you could get from veggies! Did you have some today?

2012. 09. 05

Neal Barnard, M.D. talks about what soy does and benefits our health!

2012. August

2012. 08. 29

September Newsletter now up! Read about our Spicy Bits sale and try our Blissful Bits and Mushroom recipe!

2012. 08. 29

FREE samples today, 8/29, at Whole Foods Market Sherman Oaks East (11-2pm) & WFM West LA (3-6pm). And more sampling tomorrow, 8/30, at WFM Arroyo (3-6pm). Try us!

2012. 08. 13

I think these Zen Patties together with some vegan cheese and rice makes a great vegan taco! Thanks to the Animal Rights National Conference 2012 in Washington DC for the great event and love that attendees all enjoyed!

2012. 08. 08

We're now in Whole Foods Market Hillcrestin San Diego, Ca. On sale too!

2012. 08. 08

A movie screening event in L.A. serving our Blissful Bits...mmm tasty!

2012. 08. 02

August Newsletter now up! ecoVegan proudly supports the AR 2012 Conference and check out all the various Whole Foods Market we will be sampling at in August!

2012. 08. 01

2012 Animal Rights National Conference - great opportunity to share and explore ideas. And try our delicious vegan entrees during one of the free snack sessions!

2012. July

2012. 07. 31

The ecoVegan Experience: Vegan eating with ecoVegan. See how easy and delicious eating out vegan style can be in Southern California!

2012. 07. 25

Available in more Nevada stores - find us at Whole Foods Market Henderson!

2012. 07. 23

Happy Meat Free Monday! Celebrate with our delicious entrees, now available at Whole Foods Market Las Vegas Blvd!

2012. 07. 18

ecoVegan will be at Rainbow Grocery today from 3-7pm. Stop by and try our Zen Patties & Spicy Bits!

2012. 07. 16

Happy Meat Free Monday! FREE sampling at Whole Foods Market Venice today from 11-2pm.

2012. 07. 13

Happy Friday! Last demo of the week - today at Whole Foods Market Huntington Beach from 10:30-1:30pm.

2012. 07. 12

Steff of Almanac of Eats celebrated yesterday's National Vegetarian Food Day with our Zen Patties. Check it out!

2012. 07. 12

Demo today at Whole Foods Market Pasadena from 12-3pm. Come try our Zen Patties and Blissful Bits!

2012. 07. 11

Check out our July Newsletter! ecoVegan sale at 2 for $7 and we're available in more Whole Foods Market in Southern California!

2012. 07. 11

Demo today at Whole Foods Market El Segundo from 2:30-5:30pm. Stop by and try our delicious entrees!

2012. 07. 09

Happy Meat Free Monday! We're starting the week off with a demo at Whole Foods Market Fairfax today from 11-2pm. Stop by for FREE samples!

2012. 07. 03

Have a fun and safe July 4th! Our office will also be closed from July 5-6th. We will be back on July 9th!

2012. 07. 02

Happy Meat Free Monday! For those in Southern CA, ecoVegan entrees on sale in select Whole Foods Market. Just in time for a veganlicious July 4th!

2012. June

2012. 06. 22

We'll be demoing at Alameda Natural Grocery today from 11-2pm. Perfect for a Friday afternoon snack - stop by if you're close!

2012. 06. 20

Homemade vegan pizza for lunch - mmm good!

2012. 06. 18

Reporting from the ecoVegan office - our plant is growing...something! ^__^

2012. 06. 08

Happy Friday! Our June Newsletter now available! As promised, check out the sushi hand roll recipe featuring ecoVegan Orientals' Joy. And we're celebrating July 4th with a 15% Sale!

2012. 06. 07

Lunch at Liba Falafel Food truck. Deep pita pocket for all our fillings!

2012. 06. 06

Sushi hand roll featuring ecoVegan Orientals' Joy. Recipe in our June Newsletter - coming soon!

2012. 06. 01

Have a vegan-licious July 4th BBQ. ecoVegan Ready-to-Eat entrees now on SALE. Enter code ECOJULY4 at checkout!

2012. May

2012. 05. 23

We updated our Facebook over photo. Thank you, Dana Portnoy, for this colorful and delicous platter of ecoVegan Spicy Bits skewers!

2012. 05. 17

My Vegan Propaganda is to have everyone go vegan so we can live in peace & harmony with all beings! Check out this interesting article.

2012. 05. 17

Bun Taco with our Orientals' Joy. Cute and tasty!.

2012. 05. 14

Products now available at New York's Westerly Natural Market. Gotta love them the New Yorkers!.

2012. 05. 10

Hello Thursday! ecoVegan now in Whole Foods Market Speedway - our 1st Arizona store!

2012. 05. 04

Happy Friday! Check out our May Newsletter! See the result of last month's survey - should GMO foods have special labels?

2012. 05. 04

ecoVegan now in Whole Foods Market Huntington Beach! One more place to find us.

2012. 05. 02

Mmm baked vegan spinach artichoke fondue from Source in SF. Hope you had or will have a tasty lunch.

2012. 05. 01

Please label GMOs!!! Everyone has the right to know what we are intaking!

2012. April

2012. 04. 30

Is the weather nice in SoCal yet? Check out the spicy bits or blissful bits for your BBQ needs! Can get ecoVegan products atWhole Foods Market Foothill in Pasadena now! Enjoy!

2012. 04. 27

Happy Friday! And enter Mother's Day Giveaway hosted by Leslie Loves Veggies!

2012. 04. 24

Kelp noodle with Ocean's Delight! simple, easy, and delicious! Thanks Jennifer for sharing with us!

2012. 04. 13

Great crowd at Earth Day San Francisco yesterday. We were pretty close to the stage too, so everyone's jamming as they sample. :-)!

2012. 04. 23

ecoVeagn in a FULL shelf - now available at Whole Foods Market Venice! More choices for your Meat Free Mondays!

2012. 04. 20

Bite size skewers for tomorrow's Oakland Veg Week finale! Food should be this fun and colorful!

2012. 04. 18

Earth Day is coming, what's your plans?? Besides the Earth Day San Francisco and Oakland Veg Week that the locals can find activities going on, check out the proposal from our friend from RanVeganess- the Earth Day Proposal!

2012. 04. 17

Mmmm...bite size skewers featuring our Blissful Bits. Our tasty treat for today's Whole Foods Market NorCal Tribal Bazaar.

2012. 04. 16

Now available at Whole Foods Market Fairfax! We're in good company with so many meat alternatives!

2012. 04. 13

Happy Friday! More FREE samples for you! Whole Foods Market Palo Alto (in California) will have in-store demo on Sunday, 4/15th.

2012. 04. 13

We're now in Whole Foods Market in Southern California - be on the look out for ecoVegan!

2012. 04. 09

Happy Meatless Monday! For a vegan snack, Whole Foods Market SOMA (in San Francisco) will have in-store samples of our tasty entrees today!

2012. 04. 06

Happy Friday! Check out our April Newsletter! Share your thoughts - should GMO foods have special labels?

2012. 04. 04

According to Christie,our vegan meat "wasn’t just really good, it was fabulous!" We love hearing this over and over again!

2012. March

2012. 03. 25

A bit of calm between crowds today at Seattle Vegfest. Visit us along the wall to the right as you enter!

2012. 03. 24

Seattle Vegfest officially ON! Great crowd!

2012. 03. 16

We are an official participant of the Non-GMO Project and will get the verification soon! Thanks for supporting non-GMO!

2012. 03. 11

Day 3 of the Expo West. Lots of samples given out and still more to come!

2012. 03. 09

Working it at the Expo West. Good crowd and better feedback!

2012. 03. 05

We are ready for Expo West! Also many vegan company within radius - Hodo Soy Beanery, EatPastry, seasnax - and many more!

2012. 03. 05

Check out our March Newsletter! Try our Korean Kimbap with ecoVegan's Ocean's Delight and share your thoughts!

2012. 03. 05

We are ready for the Expo West! Come visit booth #5243, and within and around us, you will find many other vegan stuff! What an awesome trend!

2012. February

2012. 02. 24

Happy Friday everyone! A preview of the recipe that will be in our March newsletter featuring our Ocean's Delight. We had a tasty lunch today!

2012. 02. 23

We're gearing up for the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim in two weeks. Busy days ahead!

2012. 02. 22

Yay - more vegan restaurant options in Texas! From Vspot Cafe in East Dallas to a new Loving Hut in Addison! Check it out!

2012. 02. 14

Happy Valentine's Day! May your day be full of love, care & compassion! And there's still time to grab our Valentine's Day Bundle, available for order through today.

2012. 02. 13

Thanks to M. Smith for sharing a noodle dish made with "frozen vegetables, some whole wheat pasta, a little bit of teriyaki sauce, red pepper flake, parsley along with the sauteed Blissful Bits and olive oil. Turned out good!

2012. 02. 01

Check out our February Newsletter! Read on about the Natural Products Expo West and see if you are interested in becoming part of our Expo West 2012 team!

2012. 02. 01

We're please to announced our Valentine's Day Bundle. Get them for your valentines!

2012. January

2012. 01. 27

Stop by today from 5-8pm for FREE samples of our delicious entrees at 26th & Guerrero Market in San Francisco, CA. And grab the Zen Patties at the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE special!

2012. 01. 25

Only 1 week left before our New Year Special ends! Get your favorites now at 12% OFF!

2012. 01. 20

26th & Guerrero Market in San Francisco, CA has a BUY 1 GET 1 FREE special on the Zen Patties through Jan 31st. Grab some today!

2012. 01. 19

Monterey Market in Berkeley, CA is having a 50% SALE on our Zen Patties through Jan 31st. Now is the time to stock up!

2012. 01. 16

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr's legacy - wishing for a peaceful world where all living beings can live happily in harmony!

2012. 01. 13

If you're attending the Fancy Food Show starting this Sunday, Jan 15th, visit us at booth 1188 (North Hall)! We're with Buyers' Best Friend, a wholesaler of specialty products.

2012. 01. 13

Happy Friday! Take a look at our January Newsletter - several ongoing January sales and special!

2012. 01. 10

We're looking for volunteers to help out at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim this coming March 9-11th. If interested, please email us at Thank you!

2012. 01. 03

Is one of your New Year's resolution to eat more healthy? Check out Cardamom Handmade's super healthy wrap made with our Blissful Bits!

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