Vegan Fast Food Joint Plans to Expand into More Locations

When Plant Power Fast Food opened its doors in San Diego, Calif. earlier this year, people flocked to the drive-up to scarf down burgers, fries, tacos, egg sandwiches, milkshakes, and other familiar comfort foods. The twist is, Plant Power’s entire menu is free from animal ingredients.

With chains like McDonald’s and Burger King on their way out, the future looks bright for innovative, healthy fast food options. And that’s where Plant Power steps up. The owners are looking to expand their model of cruelty-free cuisine into more eateries — and they’ve launched a Crowdfunding campaign to help make it happen.

I know it sounds big, but we really do want to revolutionize the current fast food model and turn it into something healthy and positive for everyone,” co-founder Jeffrey Harris tells Latest Vegan News.

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