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BeLeaf Vegan Bacon


Many respected health institutions recommend reducing consumption of animal products, especially red meat, while increasing plant-based foods


Organic foods have a healthier nutritional profile than their conventional counterparts. And they’re also lower in pesticide residues


Gluten-free diet can have a variety of health benefits, such as improving cholesterol levels, promoting digestive health, and increasing energy levels


Buying organic foods also offers assurance against the risks of genetic engineering because genetically modified substances are prohibited in organic production

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Poached Egg

Made from high-quality ingredients such as ancient miso brewed and has an exclusive taste blending as a substitute for the best egg

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Ocean Log

With the slight Chinese medicine flavor, and the perfect texture of the bean curd, you will love the ocean taste and texture
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Ocean Loaf

Carefully selected non-GMO soybean protein and wheat protein, with our special recipe, it will give you a fresh experience
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Mushroom Ball

Chinese mushroom and vegetable seasoning, the ball has the delicious mushroom flavor and chewy texture
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Ocean Fresh

Chewy texture, and with red chili as the natural color, it’s full of fresh ocean taste
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